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  • Addiction and Recovery Support

    Agency: Learn To Cope

    Learn To Cope (LTC) presents to parents and professionals about the signs and symptoms of opioid use, overdose prevention for families, how to cope with a loved one's addiction and how to motivate recovery. LTC's Addiction and Recovery Support facilitates meetings that offer supportive conversation along with an array of bi-monthly speakers who pro...

  • Addictions / Substance Use Disorder Support Groups

    Agency: Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

     The RECOVER Project is a peer-to-peer support center for all who are in recovery from, and concerned with, alcohol and drug addiction. The RECOVER Project hosts support groups related to specific addictions and other topics of interest to those in recovery, fostering recovery and empowering individuals, families, and the communities of Franklin Co...

  • Autism Connections

    Agency: Pathlight

    Pathlight’s Autism Connections connects parents to each other, to helpful professionals, to schools with expert advice, and to a host of resources ensuring that those with autism have all the tools they need to live the life of their choosing.Autism Connections offers social skills trainings, support groups, intensive case management and organizes ...

  • Clubhouses

    Agency: Clinical & Support Options Inc.

     CSO Clubhouses, The Green River House and The Quabbin House, provide rehabilitative vocational, social, and recreational programming. Club members have the opportunity to engage in various work units within the Clubhouse, receive assistance with writing resumes, search for jobs and build interview skills. Social and recreational programming includ...

  • Clubhouses

    Agency: Viability

    A Viability Clubhouse is a place where individuals with disabilities and other societal disadvantages gain access to opportunities that connect them with the community, employment, education and friendships. More than a program or social service, a Clubhouse is a community of people working together to achieve a common goal. Clubhouses offer Housin...

  • Codependents Anonymous Support Groups

    Agency: Co-Dependents Anonymous New England Intergroup

    Co-Dependents Anonymous holds support groups for people who seek to build healthy and loving relationships.

  • Community Action Family Center

    Agency: Community Action Pioneer Valley

    The Community Action Family Center offers activities, support and connection to resources for youth and families in Franklin County. Meet with a family support worker, attend workshops, join in for family activities or playgroups, and much more. Drop-ins and appointments are available. To make an appointment, call (413) 475-1555. A full calendar of...

  • Community Resource Studio

    Agency: Greenfield Community College

    The Community Resource Studio hosts community organizations’ recovery-based meetings during the summer and fall months for GCC students in recovery or affected in any way by addiction or trauma. When the Studio isn’t being utilized for recovery meetings, all GCC students are invited to use the space as a place to study or reflect on the couches, wa...

  • Early Intervention Program

    Agency: Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

    The Early Intervention Program at Behavioral Health Network serves children between the ages of birth and three years of age for whom there are developmental concerns due to identified disabilities, or whose typical development is at risk due to certain birth or environmental factors. Services are provided in the family home and are certified by th...

  • FIRST STEPS Together

    Agency: Montachusett Opportunity Council

    FIRST Steps Together is a home visiting intervention for pregnant and parenting women experiencing OUD (Opiate Use Disorder), providing dual support in parenting and recovery. Through frequent visits, check-ins and group interventions, Peer Recovery Coaches support mothers on their pathway to recovery while helping them navigate systems of care. Wo...

  • FIRST STEPS Together

    Agency: Center for Human Development

    FIRST (Families In Recovery SupporT) Steps Together is a peer coaching and parenting support program for moms recovering from opioid dependence. FIRST Steps functions as a home-visiting program in which moms with children up to the age of five are connected with a family recovery support specialist, who is also a peer with lived experience, to walk...

  • Family Empowerment

    Agency: Pathlight

     Family Empowerment is a Family Support Center for Hampshire and Franklin Counties providing assistance to those caring for a family member with a disability, of any age, by helping find state and local resources and in developing a unique plan of action to support the family’s needs. Whether the care is for a preschooler, a school-age child, a tee...

  • Family Homeless Shelter

    Agency: Center for Human Development

    The Center for Human Development (CHD) operates Jessie's House, a 24 hour family homeless shelter for homeless families, housing up to 6 families or pregnant women, providing critical support and stability. At Jessie's House, meal preparation and housekeeping are shared and provided by the guests, and outreach services continue after families have ...

  • Family Outreach of Amherst

    Agency: Center for Human Development

    Family Outreach of Amherst (FOA) provides shelter for women and children, family services, advocacy, crisis intervention, and more. The FOA addresses the many challenges families may confront, recognizing that the core components of stability – secure housing, nutritious food, and proper healthcare – lay the foundation for lifelong success. Home Vi...

  • Family Resource Centers

    Agency: Clinical & Support Options Inc.

     CSO's Family Resource Centers are community-based, family-driven programs supporting families and their children ages 0-18 years old. Massachusetts Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are a statewide network of community-based providers offering multi-cultural parenting resources, support groups, early childhood services, information and other educatio...

  • Family Support Center

    Agency: UCP of Western Massachusetts

    UCP’s Family Support Centers promote the empowerment of children and adults with disabilities and their families so that they may be better prepared to negotiate life’s challenges. The Family Support Center is here each step of the way for families — providing a continuum of care at all stages and ages of life with programming for children, adults ...

  • Family Support Center

    Agency: The United Arc

    The United Arc’s Family Support Centers provide supports to families caring for a family member who meets eligibility criteria with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Primary supports offered include service navigation, information and referral, family trainings and support groups, community connections, social/ recreational opportunit...

  • Family Support Centers/ Outreach

    Agency: Hilltown Community Health Center

    Many community programs, services and resources can be found at the Hilltown Community Family Center. Whether you’ve received a recent chronic disease diagnosis, become a parent for the first time (or the 5th!), need help getting or using health insurance, want to apply for SNAP (food stamps) or other resources, have experienced domestic violence, ...

  • Family Support Home Visiting

    Agency: Montague Catholic Social Ministries

    The Family Support Program is a strength-based home visiting service providing encouragement, information and referrals to assist families in reaching their goals. Family Life Support is funded by the United Way and is open to all families. Parent Aide Services is funded by DCF. Referrals are put in by the DCF worker. Please visit our website for m...

  • Family Support Services

    Agency: Northeast Center for Youth and Families, Inc.

    The Family Support Services program provides several levels of care, from in home therapy and family stabilization to therapeutic mentoring and parent education. The program creates and maintains natural supports for young people and their caregivers in the home before, after or instead of inpatient treatment elsewhere. All services within this pro...

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