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  • Bankruptcy Assistance

    Agency: Money Management International

    Money Management International provides pre-filing counseling which is required before filing for bankruptcy, as well as an education course for people who have already filed.

  • Credit Counseling

    Agency: Springfield Partners for Community Action

    Springfield Partners offers confidential, one-on-one Credit Counseling to Springfield residents seeking to establish, improve or repair their credit. We provide information on household budgets; credit repair; credit information and counseling; and the importance of checking and savings accounts.Springfield Partners' certified credit counselor also...

  • Debt Management

    Agency: Money Management International

    The Debt Management Plan (DMP) from Money Management International (MMI) helps people control their debt by offering debt counseling and a a method of repaying outstanding unsecured debt. The DMP allows clients to make one monthly payment to MMI which is then disbursed monthly to the appropriate creditors.The DMP works similarily to a consolidation...

  • Emergency Services and Community Programs

    Agency: Berkshire Community Action Council

    The Emergency Services and Community Programming provided by the Berkshire Community Action Council (BCAC) consists of a variety of programs designed to provide low-income families and individuals with services that promote self-sufficiency. After the clients immediate or emergency needs have been met, Community Programs provides further assistance...

  • Financial Counseling / Money Matters

    Agency: Community Action Pioneer Valley

    The Financial Counseling Program provides services in response to debt collectors, credit repair issues, and/or budgeting support. One-on-one sessions are customized to meet participants' individual needs and to help navigate financial challenges with tools to reach financial stability. Topics include budgeting, credit repair, establishing savings ...

  • Financial Literacy Workshops

    Agency: Springfield Partners for Community Action

    Springfield Partners' Financial Literacy Workshops are designed to help participants set up budgets, establish savings accounts, build and maintain credit and save for the future or for emergencies.Workshops are free and open to all Springfield residents of moderate or low incomes. They are held every other month for 4-weeks (2 hours each session f...

  • Financial Literacy and Education

    Agency: Montachusett Opportunity Council

    The Montachusett Opportunity Council's (MOC) Financial Education classes and workshops are offered for free in the community as well as through MOC programs. The classes are provided in four to six weekly sessions of two hours each, while the workshops consist of one two hour session. Lessons include creating a savings plan, budgeting, credit repor...

  • Financial Management Workshops

    Agency: Money Management International

    Money Management International provides workshops and webinars on a variety of financial topics including managing debt, budgeting, and information for homebuyers.

  • Foreclosure Prevention

    Agency: Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority

    The Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority (FCRHRA) offers foreclosure prevention assistance for Franklin County residents who are struggling to pay their bills and are at risk of defaulting on their mortgage. An FCRHRA HUD Certified Housing Counselor can help you review and understand the details and terms of your mortgage lo...

  • Foreclosure Prevention

    Agency: Way Finders

    Way Finders provides free and confidential guidance to current homeowners facing the risk of losing their home through mortgage defaults and foreclosures.At Way Finders' Western Massachusetts Foreclosure Prevention Center, we help homeowners avoid default and foreclosure by providing counseling and education. To access appropriate resources through...

  • Loan Programs

    Agency: Berkshire Community Action Council

    The Berkshire Community Action Council (BCAC) offers small, low interest micro-loans through partnerships with Greylock Federal Credit Union ($1,000-$1,500, primarily intended to support securing, maintaining, or furnishing stable housing) and Berkshire Bank (up to $500, open use). These loans help those who may not be able to access traditional ba...

  • Money Management

    Agency: Highland Valley Elder Services

    Highland Valley Elder Services Money Management Program provides money management services such as organizing and paying bills, check writing, reconciling accounts, and representative payee services. Bill Payer Services: Participants who utilize this service are capable of making decisions about their own financial affairs, yet may need assistance ...

  • Money Management

    Agency: WestMass ElderCare Inc.

    WestMass ElderCare’s Money Management Program is a free, in-home service that assists low income elders and disabled persons with paying bills, writing checks, budgeting and balancing a checkbook. The program does not provide advice on financial matters, investments or assist with banking services. The program is meant to aid the elderly or disable...

  • Money Management

    Agency: Elder Services of Berkshire County

    The Money Management Program is a free service that assists low-income elders who have difficulty managing their finances. Elders age 60 or older, or individuals with a disability that impacts their ability to manage finances are eligible for the Money Management Program. For more information, call Elder Services at (413) 499-0524. There is a cap o...

  • Money Management Program

    Agency: LifePath, Inc.

    The Money Management Program assists elders and persons with disabilities who have difficulty writing checks or managing their basic living expenses for many reasons, including vision difficulties, memory difficulties, and physical disabilities. A trained volunteer can provide bill-payer services, assisting elders and persons with disabilities with...

  • Mortgage Delinquency and Default Counseling

    Agency: Money Management International

    Money Management International provides counseling for people who are behind on their mortgage payments and may be in danger of foreclosure.

  • Mortgage Delinquency and Default Counseling

    Agency: Valley Community Development Corporation

    Valley CDC provides current homeowners with foreclosure prevention counseling and financial education

  • Office of Social Services

    Agency: Catholic Charities

    Provides housing assistance and case management and referrals for food, benefits applications, fuel assistance, jobs, and other services.The Catholic Charities Office of Social Services provides a wide range of services to individuals and families in need of assistance. Each person is given individual attention at the intake process. Evaluation, as...

  • Personal Financial Counseling

    Agency: Money Management International

    Money Management International provides financial counseling to anyone who is worried about their finances, needs to budget or wants take control of debt. They also provide counseling for people interested in learning about reverse mortgages, and for people considering or in the process of filing for bankruptcy.

  • Private Guardianship/Conservatorship Programs

    Agency: Jewish Family Services of Western Mass.

    Jewish Family Services of Western Massachusetts provides guardianship or conservatorship services for elders who are no longer able to care for themselves and/or their finances.

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