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  • Addiction Services

    Agency: Clinical & Support Options Inc.

     CSO's Addiction Services provide a full range of behavioral health and substance abuse programming both on-site and in homes, schools and other community settings appointments at all outpatient clinics providing responsive and effective interventions and therapeutic services to support adults, children and families. CSO’s Intensive Outpatient Prog...

  • Addiction Treatment Program

    Agency: OnCall Healthy Living Program

    For those suffering from addiction and cannot stop using heroin, painkillers or alcohol, OnCall provides comprehensive treatment with medication-assisted therapy (MAT) options.OnCall Healthy Living Program provides comprehensive, up-to-date, quality addiction treatment utilizing evidence-based protocols that includes compassion, understanding and r...

  • Addiction Treatment Services

    Agency: Allies in Recovery

    Offers a variety of support programs to help a family member or friend deal with a loved one who is abusing alcohol or drugs.Allies in Recovery offers a positive approach to help a family member or friend deal with a loved one who is abusing alcohol or drugs. In addition to the evidence-based and proven CRAFT Program, services include: Workshops On...

  • Addiction and Recovery Counseling

    Agency: ServiceNet, Inc.

    ServiceNet provides outpatient substance abuse counseling services, driver alcohol education, second offense aftercare, community corrections programs, and three recovery homes. In addition to treating individuals with substance use or addiction issues, our counselors work with family members and others who have been affected by the person’s behavi...

  • Adult Rehabilitation

    Agency: The Salvation Army/Massachusetts Division

    Every day in America, over 6,500 people are hospitalized for substance abuse. That’s 6,500 families – with moms, dads, and kids – disrupted by the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation, Alcohol and Addiction Recovery Programs help combat addiction through holistic work therapy, group and individual counsel...

  • Alternative Therapies and Bodyworks

    Agency: Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

    The People's Medicine Project offers Acupuncture Access, Massage Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Neuromuscular Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga, as part of it's Recovery and BodyWorks services. Acupuncture has been shown to most significantly ease the symptoms of early opioid withdrawal, including anxiety, digestive issues, and cravings tha...

  • CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training)

    Agency: Allies in Recovery

    Allies in Recovery provides counseling and training to loved ones of alcohol and drug abusers through the CRAFT program (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), an evidence-based, proven family coaching method of substance abuse treatment.The goals of CRAFT is to reduce substance use, to get your loved one into treatment and to improve your w...

  • Clubhouses

    Agency: Clinical & Support Options Inc.

     CSO Clubhouses, The Green River House and The Quabbin House, provide rehabilitative vocational, social, and recreational programming. Club members have the opportunity to engage in various work units within the Clubhouse, receive assistance with writing resumes, search for jobs and build interview skills. Social and recreational programming includ...

  • Clubhouses

    Agency: Viability

    A Viability Clubhouse is a place where individuals with disabilities and other societal disadvantages gain access to opportunities that connect them with the community, employment, education and friendships. More than a program or social service, a Clubhouse is a community of people working together to achieve a common goal. Clubhouses offer Housin...

  • Counseling, Therapy and Psychiatry

    Agency: ServiceNet, Inc.

    ServiceNet offers a variety of counseling, therapy and psychiatric treatment options including individual therapy, group therapy, family and couples counseling, medication management and psychological testing.ServiceNet provides specialized services for people with major depression, who experience intense or unmanageable emotions, who have Obsessiv...

  • Day Treatment Program (IOP)

    Agency: Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

    The Day Treatment Program (IOP) at the Behavioral Health Network (BHN) assists individuals with psychiatric disorders and provides structured, goal-oriented groups focused on improving an individual’s ability to function in the community and to establish and maintain stable, interpersonal relationships to manage their symptoms. Treatment may also a...

  • Drug Diversion and Treatment Program

    Agency: Office of the Northwestern District Attorney

    The Northwestern District Attorney’s Drug Diversion and Treatment Program is designed for non-violent offenders with substance abuse issues who are charged with certain drug-related offenses. This voluntary program seeks to reduce drug abuse and improve public safety by offering evaluation, treatment and intensive case management. It provides eligi...

  • FIRST STEPS Together

    Agency: Montachusett Opportunity Council

    FIRST Steps Together is a home visiting intervention for pregnant and parenting women experiencing OUD (Opiate Use Disorder), providing dual support in parenting and recovery. Through frequent visits, check-ins and group interventions, Peer Recovery Coaches support mothers on their pathway to recovery while helping them navigate systems of care. Wo...

  • FIRST STEPS Together

    Agency: Center for Human Development

    FIRST (Families In Recovery SupporT) Steps Together is a peer coaching and parenting support program for moms recovering from opioid dependence. FIRST Steps functions as a home-visiting program in which moms with children up to the age of five are connected with a family recovery support specialist, who is also a peer with lived experience, to walk...

  • HealthWise Program

    Agency: Hilltown Community Health Center

    HealthWise is an integrated chronic disease patient self-management program designed to help with concerns such as creating an exercise plan, losing weight, managing diabetes, quitting smoking, starting a walking routine or improving your nutrition.Health Wise is designed for patients to be pro-active in managing their own health care. We have a le...

  • Inpatient Services / Addiction and Recovery

    Agency: Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

    The Behavioral Health Network (BHN) offers Inpatient Services for Addiction and Recovery. Acute Treatment Services are medically-monitored services for detoxification from drugs and alcohol. Individuals can stay up to 7-9 days. Services are available 24 hours per day. Enhanced Acute Treatment Services (EATS) treats dually-diagnosed individuals with...

  • Medication Assisted Maintenance Treatment for Addiction

    Agency: CleanSlate Addiction Treatment Centers

    CleanSlate Addiction Treatment Centers provides medication-assisted treatment outpatient care (using Suboxone and Vivitrol) for people who are struggling with opioid, alcohol, and other drug addictions. CleanSlate works closely with other local care partners to ensure patients get a full array of care – customized to meet their schedule and unique ...

  • Medication Assisted Maintenance Treatment for Opioid Addiction

    Agency: Center for Human Development

    The Center for Human Development (CHD) offers Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to support opioid addiction recovery. By prescribing a safe and controlled level of medication, CHD's certified addiction experts help people overcome their dependence. MAT can help relieve the withdrawal symptoms and psychological cravings that make recovery so chall...

  • Medication Assisted Treatment

    Agency: Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

    The Behavioral Health Network's (BHN) Medication Assisted Treatment Program offers methadone in a supervised setting with counseling services for individuals 18 and older. Admissions are scheduled on a daily basis.

  • Medication Assisted Treatment for Addiction

    Agency: Recovery Connection Centers of America

    Recovery Connection Centers of America (RCCA) offers a Medication Assisted Treatment outpatient care program for people who are struggling with opioid, alcohol, and other drug addictions. RCCA's Addiction Treatment Centers do not use methadone as a method of treatment— instead, RCCA uses a combination of Suboxone, other medications, and counseling ...

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