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  • Addiction and Recovery Support

    Agency: Learn To Cope

    Learn To Cope (LTC) presents to parents and professionals about the signs and symptoms of opioid use, overdose prevention for families, how to cope with a loved one's addiction and how to motivate recovery. LTC's Addiction and Recovery Support facilitates meetings that offer supportive conversation along with an array of bi-monthly speakers who pro...

  • Addictions / Substance Use Disorder Support Groups

    Agency: Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

     The RECOVER Project is a peer-to-peer support center for all who are in recovery from, and concerned with, alcohol and drug addiction. The RECOVER Project hosts support groups related to specific addictions and other topics of interest to those in recovery, fostering recovery and empowering individuals, families, and the communities of Franklin Co...

  • Clubhouses

    Agency: Clinical & Support Options Inc.

     CSO Clubhouses, The Green River House and The Quabbin House, provide rehabilitative vocational, social, and recreational programming. Club members have the opportunity to engage in various work units within the Clubhouse, receive assistance with writing resumes, search for jobs and build interview skills. Social and recreational programming includ...

  • Clubhouses

    Agency: Viability

    A Viability Clubhouse is a place where individuals with disabilities and other societal disadvantages gain access to opportunities that connect them with the community, employment, education and friendships. More than a program or social service, a Clubhouse is a community of people working together to achieve a common goal. Clubhouses offer Housin...

  • Codependents Anonymous Support Groups

    Agency: Co-Dependents Anonymous New England Intergroup

    Co-Dependents Anonymous holds support groups for people who seek to build healthy and loving relationships.

  • Community Resource Studio

    Agency: Greenfield Community College

    The Community Resource Studio hosts community organizations’ recovery-based meetings during the summer and fall months for GCC students in recovery or affected in any way by addiction or trauma. When the Studio isn’t being utilized for recovery meetings, all GCC students are invited to use the space as a place to study or reflect on the couches, wa...

  • FIRST STEPS Together

    Agency: Montachusett Opportunity Council

    FIRST Steps Together is a home visiting intervention for pregnant and parenting women experiencing OUD (Opiate Use Disorder), providing dual support in parenting and recovery. Through frequent visits, check-ins and group interventions, Peer Recovery Coaches support mothers on their pathway to recovery while helping them navigate systems of care. Wo...

  • FIRST STEPS Together

    Agency: Center for Human Development

    FIRST (Families In Recovery SupporT) Steps Together is a peer coaching and parenting support program for moms recovering from opioid dependence. FIRST Steps functions as a home-visiting program in which moms with children up to the age of five are connected with a family recovery support specialist, who is also a peer with lived experience, to walk...

  • Greenfield Living Room

    Agency: Clinical & Support Options Inc.

     The Greenfield Living Room is a peer-led daytime support and diversion program that can be accessed without an appointment, regardless of insurance, and without lengthy intake forms and paperwork. The Living Room provides a substance-free, compassionate and trauma-sensitive space for individuals 18 years or older experiencing emotional distress. S...

  • Moms Do Care

    Agency: Baystate Health

     Moms Do Care (aka The EMPOWER Program) is a supportive program for pregnant and postpartum people with substance use disorder, including opioid use or those who are on medication-assisted treatment. Peer support and professional support are available, as well as connections to other resources to support recovery. This can mean meeting with a nurse...

  • North Quabbin Recovery Center

    Agency: North Quabbin Community Coalition

    The North Quabbin Recovery Center provides a compassionate safe space to offer peer support to allow multiple paths of recovery for all.The North Quabbin Recovery Center is a project of the North Quabbin Community Coalition in partnership with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and the Opioid Task Force of Franklin County and the North Quabbin Re...

  • Northampton Recovery Center (NRC)

    Agency: Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

    The Northampton Recovery Center (NRC) is open to those currently seeking help for, or in recovery from, substance use, and to those who are affected, including family and friends. The Center is a vital regional resource in the fight against addiction and for recovery. All are welcome to attend our community meetings, either by Zoom or now in person...

  • Parent and Perinatal Support Groups

    Agency: Cooley Dickinson Healthcare Corporation

    Cooley Dickinson Medical Group’s ObGyn & Midwifery offers a virtual connection parent and perinatal support groups for all parents, regardless of where your baby was born. For more information about these groups, including meeting times, please visit the listed website.  Beyond Birth and Over the Hump is a weekly support group for parents of babies...


    Agency: Honest Beginnings

    SOAAR is volunteer-driven organization providing weekly support groups and other peer recovery services at The Nest location in Belchertown. SOAAR operates in partnership with Honest Beginnings, a non-profit, sober living program. SOAAR is one of the few peer recovery support services in the Belchertown and Ware area that are not NA or AA.SOAAR inv...

  • Substance Use Disorder and Post Overdose Support Program

    Agency: Hampshire Hope

    The Drug Addiction and Recovery Team (DART) is a free service in Hampshire County that supports people who are at risk for an opioid overdose or family members affected by overdose. DART is made up of specially trained recovery coaches, harm reductionist, and first responders who provide: Access to harm reduction tools, such as NARCAN and safety pl...

  • Substance Use Related Drop In Services

    Agency: Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

     The RECOVER Project provides peer-to-peer alcohol and drug addiction support for those recovering or concerned with substance use, alcohol and drug addiction. Peer facilitated Community Meetings are at the center of the process, creating a forum for information and feedback, new program ideas, decision making, and policy development. Join the RECO...

  • Substance Use Treatment

    Agency: Better Life Partners

    Better Life Partners' Substance Use Treatment program offers substance use treatment services to anyone in Massachusetts struggling with alcohol and/or substance use. Services include same-day access to medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone for opioid use, group and one-on-one therapy, group and one-on-one recovery support, psychiatry, and re...

  • The Nest Community Recovery Center

    Agency: Honest Beginnings

    The Nest Community Recovery Center is a safe space for those contemplating or walking the path of recovery from addiction. Programming, events and support will be available to those who struggle with substance use along with resources for loved ones and the community at large.

  • The RECOVER Project

    Agency: Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

     The RECOVER Project is open to all concerned with alcohol and drug addiction, fostering recovery and empowering individuals, families, and the communities of Franklin County. As a peer-to-peer support center for all who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, the The RECOVER Project hosts support groups related to specific addictions and ...

  • Ware Regional Recovery Center (WRRC)

    Agency: Western Massachusetts Training Consortium

    The Ware Regional Recovery Center (WRRC) benefits people and families impacted by substance use as well as those who have lost a loved one to addiction, and is committed to being a safe and welcoming space to cultivate recovery, support families and bring together the growing recovery community.As a program of the Quaboag Hills Substance Abuse Alli...

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