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  • Brain Injury Services

    Agency: ServiceNet, Inc.

    The Enrichment Center in Chicopee helps people who are living with a brain injury to become more functional and engaged with others. Licensed professionals at the Enrichment Center provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy as needed.Participants can choose from an array of activities at the centers as well as in their communities, includin...

  • Developmental Disability Services

    Agency: ServiceNet, Inc.

    ServiceNet offers several specialized support services for individuals with a developmental disability or autism including:    Behavioral Health Support: Clinical services include case management, peer support, advocacy, and individual or group therapy. ServiceNet Behavioral Health Centers offer treatment for anxiety and depression, communication s...

  • Individual and Community Living Supports

    Agency: Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

    Behavioral Health Network's Living Supports provides hourly supports to adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities living on their own in the community. The ultimate goal is to help an individual live on their own safely and be as productive in the community as their skills allow them to be.

  • Residential and Employment Supports

    Agency: Pathlight

    Pathlight’s Residential and Employment Supports provide staff support and assistance with housing arrangements, and employment or volunteer placements, to individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities.Residential Supports offers a variety of housing options and a range of supports that adjust to the age of the individual served and th...

  • Riverside Industries, Inc.

    Agency: Riverside

    Riverside Industries (RSI) supports people with developmental disabilities in integrating into mainstream society through meaningful activity, employment, and increased independence. Services include:  Job placement and career development  Day support, including help with fine motor activities, cognitive development, communication, gross motor skil...

  • Shared Living

    Agency: Pathlight

    Shared Living matches individuals who may have extensive physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, or require medical involvement, or those who may function with little or no assistance, with families or other individuals so they might live and grow in a home-based situation and experience the everyday activities of family and community li...

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