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  • Developmental Disability Services

    Agency: ServiceNet, Inc.

    ServiceNet offers several specialized support services for individuals with a developmental disability or autism including:    Behavioral Health Support: Clinical services include case management, peer support, advocacy, and individual or group therapy. ServiceNet Behavioral Health Centers offer treatment for anxiety and depression, communication s...

  • Independent Living Skills Instruction

    Agency: Riverside Industries, Inc.

    Riverside's Life Skills Development Center helps adults with developmental disabilities live more independently by teaching life skills, improving mobility and language skills, and developing interpersonal and emotional skills. Therapists and nursing staff are available for mental and physical health needs, and alternative therapies such as art and...

  • Vocational Services

    Agency: ServiceNet, Inc.

    ServiceNet’s Vocational Services assist people with autism or developmental, physical, or mental health challenges gain the necessary tools and experience to find and maintain employment.Vocational Services offers a variety of recreational and exercise options to program participants. From specific job training opportunities and to coaching that pr...

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