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  • Senior Centers, COAs, Veterans Services of Berkshire County

    Agency: Elder Services of Berkshire County

     The Elder Services of Berkshire County (ESoBC) website has contact information and listings for Berkshire County Elder Resources, including a list of Senior Centers/ Councils on Aging (COA), Veterans Services, the Protective Services/ Elder Abuse website and other Elder Resources and Guides such as Berkshire Senior News and TV. For the respective webpages on the ESoBC website:
    >  Berkshire County Senior Centers/ Councils on Aging (COA): https://esbci.org/coa-contact-list/
    >  Veterans Services: https://esbci.org/veterans-services/
    >  Protective Services/ Elder Abuse: https://esbci.org/protective-services/
    >  Berkshire Senior News: https://esbci.org/berkshire-senior-news/
    >  Berkshire Senior TV: https://esbci.org/berkshire-senior-tv/

    For the Massachusetts.gov website for Councils on Aging (COA) and Senior Centers, visit: https://www.mass.gov/councils-on-aging-senior-centers

    • Main Office
      Fax: (413) 442-6443
      TTY: (413) 499-9764
      Toll-Free: (413) 499-0524
      Hot-Line: (800) 544-5242
      877 South Street
      Suite 4E,
      Pittsfield, MA 01201

    Agency: Elder Services of Berkshire County

    Languages Offered: English

    Program Fees: None.

    Eligibility: Anyone can visit the Elder Services of Berkshire County (ESoBC) website at: https://esbci.org/ or call the Information and Referral Department Monday – Friday, from 8:00am – 5:00pm, at (800) 544-5242 (in state), (413) 499-0524 and TTY: (413) 499-9764

    Area(s) Served:
    • Berkshire County

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