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    Agency: MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center

    The MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center (MassHire FHCC) provides information and resouces on the “Gig Economy”, which refers to the increasing trend of people working as independent contractors or self-employed individuals, rather than as traditional employees. 

    Gig-workers frequently engage in short term jobs, working on a project-by-project or client-by-client basis. Services are often marketed on the web or app-based platforms. Commonly known examples include ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft or household chore services like TaskRabbit.

    The benefits of being a gig-worker:  Flexibility, greater independence, follow your passion, variety, pay, shorter commitments, work from home opportunities.

    The challenges of being a gig-worker:  Need to be self-motivated, no benefits, likely will need to pay self-employment taxes, isolation or lack of social connection to coworkers, unexpected expenses, often part-time or temporary work.

    For more on the Gig Economy and working as a gig-worker, including examples of gig careers, resources, avoiding scams, helpful websites, searching for gigs and much more, visit the MHFHCC webpage on the Gig Ecomomy at www.masshirefhcareers.org/gig-economy-resources/

    Please note that none of the articles, studies, or websites listed on the MHFHCC Gig Economy Resource webpage are maintained or monitored by MassHire. Please email  info@masshirefhcareers.org  if any of the links no longer work or if an article may not be appropriate.

    • MassHire MHFHCC (Greenfield)
      Fax: (413) 774-2954
      Greenfield Office Toll-Free: (800) 457-2603
      Business Line: (413) 774-4361
      One Arch Place
      Greenfield, MA 01301

    Agency: MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center

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    Program Fees: None

    Area(s) Served:
    • Franklin County
    • Hampshire County
    • Athol, Worcester County
    • Petersham, Worcester County
    • Phillipston, Worcester County
    • Royalston, Worcester County

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