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  • Transhealth Northampton

    Agency: Transhealth Northampton

    Transhealth Northampton supports trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse kids, adults, and families by providing adult primary care, pediatric primary care, mental healthcare, gender-affirming hormonal care, and other supportive services. Transhealth Northampton serves people who are transgender, gender-diverse (non-binary, gender-queer, gender-nonconforming), those questioning and exploring their gender, and others for whom gender identity provides a barrier to accessing quality healthcare. Virtual and in-person appointments are now available Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

    Services currently available: 
    Adult Primary Care
    Offering full-spectrum adult primary care services for transgender, gender-diverse (non-binary, gender-queer, gender-nonconforming).
    Pediatric Primary Care
    Offering full-spectrum pediatric primary care services for transgender, gender-diverse (non-binary, gender-queer, gender-nonconforming).
    Mental Healthcare
    Offering psychiatric medication prescribing services, short-term therapy, group therapy, and care coordination for transgender, gender-diverse (non-binary, gender-queer, gender-nonconforming).
    Gender-Affirming Hormonal Care
    Offering gender-affirming hormonal care by initiating, monitoring, and prescribing hormone regimens collaboratively developed between you and your provider, to help you meet your individualized goals. Gender-affirming hormonal care is available as a stand alone service or it can be integrated with your Transhealth Northampton primary care services.

    The Transhealth Northampton clinic is located in the Northampton area. Patients are provided with a specific address when they schedule an appointment.

    • Transhealth Northampton
      Business Line: (413) 341-9400
      P.O. Box 60538
      Florence, MA 01062

    Agency: Transhealth Northampton

    Languages Offered:

    Program Fees: If you have questions about whether or not your health insurance plan is accepted by Transhealth Northampton, please call our Patient Registration department at (413) 341-9400.

    Area(s) Served:
    • Berkshire County
    • Franklin County
    • Hampshire County
    • Hampden County
    • Worcester County

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