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  • Montague Board of Health

    Agency: Montague Town Government

    The Montague Board of Health/ Health Department is dedicated to preserving and protecting the health of our population and to promoting health status improvement for everyone. On a daily basis, the Montague Board of Health carries out the following responsibilities (partial list):

    • Investigate and remediate health problems and threats to health
    • Prevent food-borne illness by requiring all food establishments to meet certain minimum standards of safe food handling
    • Ensuring safe food through inspectional services
    • Prevent the spread of disease and sickness
    • Investigate all complaints of filth and sources of sickness
    • Work to prevent the spread of rabies and other diseases such as West Nile Virus
    • Provide safe air and water and to protect our natural resources
    • Ensure decent, safe housing for everyone
    • Ensuring minimum standards for human habitation are met (safe, clean housing)
    • Investigate all reported animal bites and scratches, and maintain a rigorous rabies prevention program

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