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  • ACC One-Stop Resource Center

    Agency: Amherst Community Connections (ACC)

    At the Amherst Community Connections (ACC) One-Stop Resource Center we provide a large variety of referrals and services to our participants related to food, housing, and other elements that are necessary to reaching the final goal. Offering such a wide array of services does not reduce the quality of the care we give, but rather it enhances it by offering a level of convenience to our participants not offered by other comparable organizations in the community. An overview of services and referrals ACC provides include:

    • Assistance replacing personal documents such as a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or state ID or license
    • Housing/ job search and application
    • Shelter placement
    • Free cellphone application
    • Food stamps/fuel assistance
    • Money for rent, bus fares, medications, or utilities
    • Section 8 housing
    • SSI/SSDI benefits
    • Veteran benefits
    • Debt/ Credit issues
    • CORI issues
    • Referral to mental health providers, crisis centers, detox services, and many other resources!

    • One-Stop Resource Center (ACC - Amherst)
      Main Office: (413) 345-0737
      236 North Pleasant Street
      Amherst, MA 01002

    Agency: Amherst Community Connections (ACC)

    Languages Offered:

    Eligibility: Residents of Amherst and surrounding communities that need assistance with housing applications, search, one-on-one case management and advocacy and assistance with other basic needs.

    Area(s) Served:
    • Amherst, Hampshire County
    • Hampshire County

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