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  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Program

    Agency: Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

    The Behavioral Health Network (BHN) Domestic Violence Advocacy Program offers supportive individual and group services to help those who feel unsafe or are questioning the health of their dating or partner relationships.

    • Individual Services - BHN staff offers support for individuals after an upsetting or violent event with a partner, either over the phone or in person. BHN provides assistance with how to plan for your safety, how to exercise your rights and how to work with the police or court systems.
    • Group Services - BHN holds Healing Alliance Support Groups for women who are questioning the health of their relationships.
    • Accountable Partnerships - Proteus is a 40-week Department of Public Health-certified Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program addressing the use of violence or intimidation in relationships. Participants learn how to address their controlling behaviors, take responsibility for their actions and evaluate their belief systems that lead them to abuse.

    • Physical Address:
      • 96 South St.
      • Ware, MA 01082
    • Main Phone:
      • (413) 579-2924
      • Information and Services
    • Proteus:
      • (413) 579-7569
      • Abuse Education Program
    • Website:

    Agency: Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

    Languages Offered:

    Program Fees: None

    Eligibility: Women questioning the health of their relationship.

    Area(s) Served:
    • Hampden County
    • Hampshire County

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