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  • ADA Paratransit Service

    Agency: Franklin Regional Transit Authority

    The FRTA’s ADA Paratransit services are for individuals who are unable to independently ride the FRTA’s accessible fixed-route system and meet one or more of the following criteria:

    • Unconditional - This is granted to a person if their disability (functional or cognitive) prevents him/her from using the fixed route bus service for any trip.
    • Conditional - This is granted to a person that can use buses under certain circumstances, but needs to utilize our services under certain conditions, such as weather conditions or barriers to a particular trip by bus.
    • Temporary - This is granted to a person on a temporary basis. The length of time will vary depending on the medical necessity.
    In order to access ADA complementary paratransit transportation you must:
    • Complete the application and have a medical professional with whom you are familiar complete the Professional Verification portion
    • Reside within 3/4 of a mile of an existing FRTA bus route
    • Your trips must be scheduled to occur in conjunction with the times that the fixed-route system is in operation. Hours do vary depending on the fixed route schedule so you should refer to the Schedules & Maps for availability.
    • Trips may be scheduled from one (1) to fourteen (14) days in advance.

    • TTY:
      • (413) 774-2262
      • When calling, allow time to set-up machine
    • Business Line:
      • (413) 774-2262
      • Information and Application
    • Website:

    • Franklin Regional Transit Authority (Greenfield)
      Fax: (413) 774-2202
      Toll-Free: (888) 301-2262
      Business Line: (413) 774-2262
      12 Olive Street, Suite 1
      John W. Olver Transit Center,
      Greenfield, MA 01301

    Agency: Franklin Regional Transit Authority

    Languages Offered:

    Program Fees: Twice the fare of fixed route service (see website for current fixed route fares)

    Eligibility: Individuals with disabilities who live within 3/4 mile of a fixed route but cannot navigate or access fixed route service due to their disability <br />(Full list of eligibility requirements available on website.)

    Area(s) Served:
    • Ashfield, Franklin County
    • Bernardston, Franklin County
    • Buckland, Franklin County
    • Charlemont, Franklin County
    • Colrain, Franklin County
    • Conway, Franklin County
    • Deerfield, Franklin County
    • Erving, Franklin County
    • Gill, Franklin County
    • Greenfield, Franklin County
    • Hawley, Franklin County
    • Heath, Franklin County
    • Leyden, Franklin County
    • Montague, Franklin County
    • New Salem, Franklin County
    • Northfield, Franklin County
    • Orange, Franklin County
    • Rowe, Franklin County
    • Shelburne, Franklin County
    • Shutesbury, Franklin County
    • Warwick, Franklin County
    • Wendell, Franklin County
    • Whately, Franklin County
    • Chesterfield, Hampshire County
    • Cummington, Hampshire County
    • Goshen, Hampshire County
    • Huntington, Hampshire County
    • Middlefield, Hampshire County
    • Montgomery, Hampshire County
    • Plainfield, Hampshire County
    • Southampton, Hampshire County
    • Westhampton, Hampshire County
    • Worthington, Hampshire County
    • Southwick, Hampden County
    • Russell, Hampden County
    • Blandford, Hampden County
    • Chester, Hampden County
    • Phillipston, Worcester County
    • Petersham, Worcester County

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