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  • Housing Authorities

    Agency: Granby Housing Authority

    The Granby Housing Authority provides affordable rental housing to low income families, seniors, and disabled adults.

    • Granby Housing Authority
      Main Phone: (413) 467-9300
      50 Phin's Hill Manor
      Granby, MA

    Agency: Granby Housing Authority

    Languages Offered:

    Program Fees: None. Rents are based on income.

    Eligibility: Low income families, seniors, and disabled adults granted SSDI status. <br />Preferences are given for public housing units over other applicants, as follows: <br />* Persons who are homeless due to natural disasters. <br />* Persons who are homeless due to public action (eminent domain, etc). <br />* Persons with emergency needs (such as domestic violence victims, persons with medical emergencies, or homeless persons facing an immediate threat to their health and safety) <br />* There are also preferences for veterans and local residents. <br />For more details, consult a local housing authority.

    Area(s) Served:
    • Granby, Hampshire County

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