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  • Housing Authorities

    Agency: Greenfield Housing Authority

    Provides subsidized housing opportunities to low and moderate income families, as well as the elderly and disabled.

    The Greenfield Housing Authority (GHA) administers both state rental assistance (MRVP) and federal Section 8 Vouchers used by eligible households in privately owned apartments. The Authority has also developed a successful Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program that is designed to assist families to become self sufficient and free of government assistance.

    • Greenfield Housing Authority (Greenfield)
      Main Phone: (413) 774-2932
      TDD: (413) 773-7909
      Fax: (413) 772-0616
      1 Elm Terrace
      Greenfield, MA 01301

    Agency: Greenfield Housing Authority

    Languages Offered: English, Spanish & Russian

    Program Fees: The rent a public housing tenant pays is based on household income and whether the costs of utilities (electricity, heat, cooking fuel) are included.

    Eligibility: The following are among the persons given preference for public housing units over other applicants: <br /> <br />Persons who are homeless due to natural disasters. <br /> <br />Persons who are homeless due to public action (eminent domain, etc). <br /> <br />Persons with emergency needs (such as domestic violence victims, persons with medical emergencies, or homeless persons facing an immediate threat to their health and safety) <br /> <br />There are also preferences for veterans and local residents. For more details, consult a local housing authority.

    Area(s) Served:
    • Greenfield, Franklin County

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